Principal’s Message

Welcome to Holy Cross Elementary School. My name is Val Hanson and I am the Principal.

Holy Cross Elementary School is a provincially-funded dual-track Catholic elementary school open to all students in grades K – 6. We offer both an English and a French Immersion program for all grades. We also offer English preschool programs for 3 and 4-year olds.

At Holy Cross, we enable each child to achieve personal success through quality learning and teaching. We support the development of the whole child – academically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally – recognizing that each child has unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

We pride ourselves on the family and community atmosphere that permeates throughout our school. We acknowledge the vitally important role of parents. We recognize and value parents and carers as the first educators of their children and the staff understand the great trust parents place in them to build upon the education of their children.

Holy Cross Elementary School is comprised of professional and collegial teachers, supported by a wonderful administrative staff, who are committed to continually improving their teaching practice and using their expertise to create balanced and challenging learning programs tailored to the needs of each student. A wide variety of in-school and extra curricular programs enhance student learning. We encourage all members of our school community to strive for personal excellence and to realize their full potential.

Students and families at Holy Cross are also supported by a Classroom Support Teacher (CST) and a Family Outreach Worker (FOW) to help meet the unique needs of each individual in our school.

At Holy Cross, we believe everyone has the right to experience a safe and inclusive environment and that every person must be treated with dignity and respect. We understand that each student is unique and we celebrate individual qualities, knowing that diversity is a gift from God. Each person in our school community enriches our faith-filled environment with his or her own special gifts and talents.

I am honoured to be the Principal of Holy Cross Elementary School and I look forward to sharing a very positive partnership with you as parents and look forward to a happy and successful educational outcome for your children at Holy Cross.


– Val Hanson, Principal